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Glass for modern interiors


Gone are the days when glasses were only used for windows, aquariums, buildings etc. Now having a glass house isn’t a dream anymore. Glass today has become an integral part of modern day architecture. Glass provides a variety of choices but there is a lot of experimentation going with the types of glassthat can be incorporated in the mainframe interior infrastructure.

Today, the designers and architects showcase their thoughts and style in exemplary ways. It allows them to play with different manifestations of natural lighting, brighter interiors and brilliant aesthetics. With the introduction of classy designs, we see more of glass everywhere. Ranging from glass doors, glass ceilings, glass walls in India, glass-laden pathways, glass wall decors, house decors and many more.

Glass today is transforming and redefining the perception of convenience and peace, where living spaces are havens of comfort and serenity. Glass has always intrigued humanity since thousands of years, has been altered to meet the demands of this changing world. From the simple glass mirrors to the aesthetically appealing designer windows in modern architecture, from the sound-proof walls and doors that block out all unnecessary noise to burglar-safe glass exteriors to the energy-efficient solar facades, the world now looks at glass as never before.

Glass is always seen as a style statement that portrays elegance and sophistication. Glass is no longer a flat, transparent piece to be fitted onto a wall, a window or a car. It’s a design statement, a status symbol, a safety material, in fact a complete architectural solution that lends a new level of safety, security, comfort and serenity to the user.

Today’s glass doors have been designed in such a manner that these entryways allow all the more light penetration into each room’s nook and corner and make the overall appearance all the more splendid and comfortable. Beautiful applications of this equally beautiful material glass in the present day style of modern interior designing adds feel of cozyness and appealing comfort to the living spaces; be it your living area, kitchen, bedrooms. It helps attain a luxurious look that reflects contemporary lifestyle with a blend of architectural trends.

Usage of glass today by the designers is extensive given the variety this extraordinary material has in store to offer. Absolutely amazing glass doors that are not just beautiful but also add a touch of elegance to your living space are attracting a lot of attention. In fact designers are now embracing more and more glass usage and entering the contemporary arena by taking a step ahead of the traditional style, where glass just meant windows and mirrors.

The versatility, appeal and elegance of glass allows inclusion of glass elements, – room dividers, glass walls, large windows and sliding glass doors – into traditional and contemporary design projects. Glass elements add modern vibe to large house designs and beautify small homes. Designers are embracing glass walls, sliding doors, glass ceilings and pathways with elegant yet trendy patterns and styles. Turning your dream of owning a glass house into a living reality is not a difficult task today.