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How to Choose the Right Pouffe for Your Living Room?

Pouffe give stressed adults a support to place their feet, enthusiastic children a corner to settle down for board games and hosts with an extra seating to accommodate an extra bout of unexpected guests. Currently with the boom in their design variety, it is nearly impossible to make a sound decision on buying a proper footstool without some guidance, so here a few tips to guide you through, before you take a walk to the nearest furniture showroom.

•    Choose your exact type: Footstools come in diverse styles to blend with every kind of room decor. They can be used to either accentuate neutral colour backgrounds, or melt into the uniformity of surrounding standard colours. You can opt for antique, vintage, Moroccan or IKEA footstools. Moroccan stools are ingrained with red, black or brown leather work assembled to lend a starry look, while vintage ones feature a framework of upholstered fabrics. When faced with space constraints, IKEA footstools form an Ideal choice as they easily pair up with gliding or rocking chairs, without falling short of appearance.

•    Consider the material choice: Footstools come in diverse choices of materials. For those of you willing to shell out extra bucks for the purchase a high-end one, leather types are a great option, since they act as striking furnishing pieces and resist stains and the effects of time. Fabric footstools are fun and casual pieces and may be adorned with decorative slip covers for enhanced effects. Memory foam types are comfy and form the perfect furnishing piece for individuals who complain of perpetual foot pain.

•    Note the space available: The choice of a footstool largely depends on the area of space available for its installation, which is why they come in a wide range of sizes and shapes. If your living room is space-constrained, opt for a round footstool, instead of a square one. All of these in general can be used to negate the need of centre tables or extra furniture. By choosing appropriately-sized, attractive styles you can easily do away with buying coffee tables or storage drawers for your living rooms.

•    Make a budget estimate: Footstools indeed come in a wide range of prices to fit your budget snugly, yet once you decide on the type of footstool, plan your budget. Several dealers offer sizeable discount deals along with an awe-inspiring variety of footstools. Compare and contrast between the prices offered by various retailers and only then buy one that best fits your budget and needs.

•    Shop from worthy retailers only: Although this tip may seem useless, it is but a common mistake to buy a footstool in haste, from the retailer located at the vicinity of your home, without doing much research on them. Be aware of the retailers credentials, authenticity of products, warranty and license, before your proceed to seal the deal with them.

When chosen with discretion, pouffe acts as flexible pieces of furniture that surpass their size and price value and can be used in more ways than one. From acting as storage spaces and coffee tables, to comfy footrests and kids’ play corner, they are the ideal furnishing choice for a living room.