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Interior design colleges in India

Interior Design Louisville Ky

As we all know, an increase in income leads to a better standard of living. This includes customization of houses as per your tastes and preferences. Many people hire interior designers to help them make their house look more beautiful. With the increase in demand for interior designers over the years, more and more students have started pursuing  interior designing as their career.

Many parents want their children to take admission in a reputed MBA university in Delhi after graduation. But there are students who have a flair for designing and are very clear about their career path. There are many interior design colleges in India and students eagerly take admission in those colleges to hone their skills.

There are certain skills you need to possess before you decide to dive into this creative field. Excellent drawing and designing skills are substantial in a creative and competitive career as this. You can do a diploma course from any of the interior design colleges in India at any time in your academic life. The demand for interior designers is higher than the supply in India. This means there are ample employment opportunities. After gaining some experience, you can also become self-employed by having your own business. Word-of-mouth would play a major role in building your reputation. If you are supremely talented and have a bit of luck, you might find yourself designing for big celebrities, businessmen, hotels and resorts, etc. Every career has its own set of advantages and disadvantages. Mentioned below are the pros and cons of a career in interior designing:


  1. If you are a consultant in this field, you can have your own business with minimal investment. All you need is talent and knowledge.
  2. This career can really take you to the top. There will be no dearth of money and fame, if you are sought after by the famous personalities of India.
  3. It is not a typical desk job. It’s the perfect career option for the artistic individuals who detest monotony.


  1. The work hours can be erratic at times, and you might have to pull an all-nighter in case of approaching deadlines.
  2. All creative personalities take time to establish themselves. Your business might take time to grow, but once you have gained good reputation, there would be no looking back.

This career option has been rapidly gaining popularity. If you are blessed with natural abilities and are willing to work hard to hone them further, you must think about it!