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Interior Design Firm For Hospitality Launched

Circadian, a new interior design company has launched in Dubai, with the aim of introducing original, creative interior design solutions for hotels, restaurant, clubs, spas and leisure venues.

The company was established by Gaurav Sinha, who also founded sister-company, branding, communications and design firm Insignia Worldwide.

Circadian’s design team is headed up by Tamasine McNabb, who worked at a number of Amsterdam-based design studios including UXUS, Studio Linse, and set up her own design firm Tamasine, before relocating to Dubai in 2013.

Circadian’s design philosophy is embedded within its name, which is to create transformative spaces that are synchronized to the needs of guests at all times. The inception of the company is the result of an amplified need by hoteliers seeking more originality in concept development that is seamlessly aligned to their objectives of creating destinations that offer unique and distinct experiences.

We design bespoke spatial environments and interior concepts for commercial establishments, dining venues as well as office environments.

We like to think we are different from our competitors because we spend a great deal of time with our clients, understanding their ethos, their business journey and their ambitions for the future.

We are passionate about creating transformative interior spaces that are designed to seamlessly synchronise with effortless living, using design principles that are deeply embedded in the natural rhythm of life.

We believe good design is about helping clients meet their needs and objectives. It is also about the way people feel when they experience it, a sense of meaning, connection and belonging.

We link vision to reality and build the bridge between creative ideas and delivery of products and services.

By combining strategy, branding, design and activation expertise, we create sustainable solutions that inspire and guide behaviours and actions.

The hospitality sector is one of the fastest growing business segments in the Middle East where both owners and operators are seeking higher levels of distinction to stand out from the crowd. Our approach to design is rooted in our deep understanding of how restaurants and hotels operate, ensuring that we don’t simply design spaces that look good but also work well.

We foresee a very disruptive era in interior design as the visual language of progressive luxury and guest experiences evolves rapidly. Great design is intuitive and responsive, balancing form and function effortlessly. Every space tells a unique story and we are storytellers who enchant guests by revealing spaces that connect to their aspirations.