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Internship in Interior Design –Grab It

Interior designing is the perfect combination of art and science. Interior designing industry has witnessed a steady growth over the years and is expected to grow for many more years to come. Interior designing is no longer a wealthy man’s right or passion, with the continuous change this industry has undergone over the years, the times now are such that almost anybody can take help of an interior designer to help make their homes/ property beautiful while also enhancing the functionality and efficiency of the space available. A designer can even look at specializing in a certain area like green spaces, home designing, working on offices and workspaces, commercial spaces et cetera.

An interior designer works with interior design firms if freelancing or consulting, architect firms and property development and construction companies and develop best possible solutions for the clients while keeping in mind the client’s requirements, budget, space and timeline. Main activities of an interior designer includes but is not limited to creating design samples, preparing layouts, working out the project cost and prepare and present a budget for the project.

An interior designer no longer is confined to designing and preparing layouts, but plays a crucial role as he/she works with clients, architects, contractors and stakeholders as well. He/she is also required to possess excellent communication skills, both written and oral, as presenting the idea in a clear and concise manner, to the parties involved is of utmost importance.

While you learn and master the basics and the theories, it is of equal, if not more, importance to get the hands on knowledge. That’s where internship comes into picture. As an intern, you will learn and understand how the industry functions and what a day looks like for an interior designer. You will be taught about various stages of the design process. A mentor or a buddy will help you learn preparing client requirements for budget, consider constraints and help build alternative solutions keeping in mind the client’s requirements, assist with vendor and suppliers management, client presentations and collaborate with other teams in the firm.

An international internship not only adds the much needed weight on the resume but is also the best place to get groomed for the bright future ahead. An internship is a win-win situation for the students and companies. Students gain hands-on experience and the technical know-how while pursuing their studies, helping them gain better understanding of the course/syllabus. It also helps students network with fellow interns and professionals from the Industry.

Get the global advantage with our global internship program. An internship with an international company will help you stand out from the crowd and give you a head start in this fiercely competitive world. Interning abroad will also introduce you to different ways of looking at the situation thus broadening your horizon and makes you more flexible as you learn to thrive in an alien environment.