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Luxury home architect in Jakarta Indonesia , Interior house design

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Online home design services in Jakarta has been running for over 5 years, until it has received services from design houses all customers in Indonesia and the construction of homes around the city of Jakarta, the resulting building includes several types of buildings, including :

Bangun Rumah
Build a minimalist home in a minimalist home building appropriate models and a minimalist budget price, house type is very popular in Indonesia, we build some minimalist home in Jakarta.

Medium Build Houses
Build a house type that is currently building a house with an area of ​​medium-size and model homes are spacious and large, the size of the house is going to help the residents in arranging and placing members of his family in a comfortable and orderly.

Build Luxury Homes
Luxury homes is our development targets in Jakarta, many rich people in Jakarta want to have a private home with a unique model and size vary with the neighbors or anyone else. Building a luxury home is the expertise of our team which has been running for several years.

Build Modern Houses
This type of modern home is the most popular type of home at this time and many of our customers happy with the service design and construction of modern houses that would follow the rules, models that are the current trends, today’s modern type houses have been built in many cities in Indonesia.

Instant Build Houses
Build the house this instant now very popular, many people want to build a house quickly, with design guidance and direction of renowned architects in Indonesia. Instant home can also be done well by building an experienced team.

Architect Jakarta
Architect in jakarta now many, many architect you that you can choose to build your house, architect in jakarta who can realize your dream home is one of them team up persada home.

Interior Design Jakarta
Interior design in house design by the team woke up persada already spread throughout Indonesia, many of our clients from outside the city of jakarta do interior design online message via the internet, our team is ready to send the results of the design quickly and completely.

Home Decor and Pool Design
Home design will be more complete if your house also has large tracts of land to build a swimming pool, your home will be more complete with an attractive swimming pool building, as a place to swim and relax your whole family.