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Pros and Cons of Carpet Flooring

Wall-to-wall carpet flooring has always been one of the most common choices of homeowners, because it offers several benefits. Nonetheless, no flooring material is all good; there is always a catch. Every material is prone to damages, which is why these require proper care and maintenance like carpet cleaning in Duncan, OK for instance. So, before you finally decide on carpet for your flooring, here are its pros and cons:

Pros of Carpet Flooring

1. Comfort – This might be the main benefit that a lot of homeowners are after. Carpet is the only flooring that feels really soft and warm underfoot. Be it in summer or winter, this material offers comfort for you and your family.Additionally, carpet is good for insulating sound. This muffles down or absorbs sound, isolating it to only a specific room. Also, it reduces echoing effect, so you do not get to disturb anybody when you walk around the house.

2. Safety – This is a good choice for families with children and elderly, because it helps minimize slips and falls due to its good surface traction. And if a fall does occur, carpet makes the fall less serious, because it provides a softer padding that can minimize injuries.

3. Durability – With today’s advancement in the flooring industry, carpet manufacturers have come up with several quality products that can withstand heavy foot traffic. Several carpets will surely last for as long as possible with the proper maintenance and carpet cleaning in Duncan, OK.

4. Energy Efficiency – Carpet has the capacity to retain about 10% to 12% of heat which would otherwise be lost with other flooring material. Thus, you save so much on your heating bills. This also prevents cold and warm draft from seeping into the floor.

5. Aesthetics – If you have been to a carpet supplies store or a flooring hardware shop, you will be amazed at the variety of types, styles, designs and colors you will find. You can definitely find a carpet that will meet your aesthetic requirements to suite the current style of your room or your house in general.

Cons of Carpet Flooring

1. Maintenance – Carpet cleaning in Lawton is not a very easy task. Not only does it require the appropriate materials, but cleaning should be done on a regular basis to prevent dust and other debris from accumulating underneath. Additionally, a lot of carpets are prone to stains, which can be a headache to get rid of. And even with the several developments in the industry, several types of carpets are still prone to moisture and molds formation.


2. Health Concerns – This flooring material is not advisable for people with respiratory problems. Because it can collect dust, bugs, molds and other allergens, this may cause allergic reactions or trigger conditions like asthma.


These are the main pros and cons of carpet flooring. It is essential to take these into consideration before finalizing your decision. Also, it would be wise to find a professional and reputable company that offers installation and carpet cleaning in Duncan OK, to ensure that you get the best services that will make your carpet flooring last as long as possible.