20+ Different Types of Bearded Dragons with Colors, Species and Pictures

Types of Bearded – There are several types, shades, and types of bearded dragons. This web page will cover all the different selections that you could obtain.

Bearded Dragon Breeding Background Information

Types of Bearded Dragon

Bearded dragons been available in a variety of sizes as well as shades. This is done by thoroughly breading 2 or even more bearded dragons along with particular characteristics to generate bearded dragon spawn with wanted features.

Often bearded dragon dog breeders will certainly utilize specific words to describe the beardies they are selling that many people may not comprehend. This section will look at whatever you need to find out about these bearded dragons.

Normal – Bearded dragon spawn from reproducing 2 bearded dragons with various traits.

Hypo – Bearded dragon children from breeding 2 bearded dragons with hypomelanism qualities. Normally the spawn are lighter in shade as well as have a sigificant decrease of dark colors in the skin, eyes, and nails.

Trans – Bearded dragon children from reproducing 2 bearded dragons with clear attributes makings their skin seem slightly translucent/see-through. Usually trans bearded dragons have strong black eyes.

Hypo Trans – Bearded dragons that do not have dark shades and also have a little transparent/translucent skin.

Het Hypo – Bearded dragons that lug the hypomelanism quality, yet do not show it visually. If a het hypo generates offspring, a few of the children could reveal the hypomelanism characteristic while others don’t (this is mostly depndant on the attributes of bearded dragon which it was bred with).

Het Trans – Bearded dragons that bring the clear trait, yet do not display it visually. When they generate spawn, several of the offspring could reveal the translucent characteristic, while others could not (this depends on the traits of the other bearded dragon which was mated).

Dual Het – Bearded dragons that bring both the hypomelanism as well as clear qualities, yet do not display them aesthetically. Their children could or may disappoint these characteristics, depending on the traits lugged by the various other bearded dragon which was used to mate.

Hypo Het Trans – Bearded dragons that reveal the hypomelanism quality, yet lug (and also do not display) the clear characteristics.

Trans Het Hypo – Bearded dragons that show the transparent trait, yet bring (and also don’t display) the hypomelanism characteristic.

Types of Bearded Dragon

There are a number of different types of bearded dragons. Normally the kinds have less to do with their shade and more to do with the bearded dragon’s dimension and appearance. Below are some different kinds of bearded dragons:

German Giant Bearded Dragons

German Titan Bearded DragonThe German huge dragons are reproduced by mating dragons that are bigger in size than the ordinary dragon. By doing this with every generation they have actually developed a type of dragons that are generally 50% bigger than regular bearded dragons. These dragons are available in a range of various shades, nevertheless because they are usually especially reproduced most breeders will generate German titans in unique colors.

Leatherback Bearded Dragons

Leatherback Bearded DragonLeatherback dragons have a mutated gene which avoids their ranges from expanding to complete size. This gives them a bigger number of smaller ranges which make the dragon show up and also really feel smoother. The smaller ranges also assist raise the coloring of the dragon. These dragons come in a variety of various shades, however given that they are usually particularly reproduced most breeders will certainly produce leatherbacks in special shades.

Silkback Bearded Dragons

Slickback Bearded DragonSilkbacks are reproduced by mating 2 leatherback dragons. Completion result is new dragons with an even smoother look. Usually the scales are so small on some silkbacks that they look as smooth as skin. These dragons can be found in a variety of different colors, however given that they are typically particularly bred most breeders will produce slickbacks in one-of-a-kind colors.

Bearded Dragon Color styles

There are a variety of shades that dragons are birthed with, and lots of crazy names to define them. What one dog breeder calls yellow one more calls lemon or citrus. I have heard red called fire or blood and more. The names made use of to describe the shade are not that crucial because they can differ widely, and also realistically any individual could see red, orange, yellow, and so on. Having an unique sounding name makes a dragon seem even more special, particularly to an inexperienced customer.

Specific shades like Red, Orange and White particularly saturated shades, are more challenging to find by as well as are much more costly in the breeding market today. As well as saturated just means that the dragon is covered in generally one brilliant and lovely shade with no big spaces of various other colors. I constantly separate shade from morph about me they are 2 various things. Shade is color, but morph had to do with the dragons physique, ranges and also overall appearance.

In nature, the color of a bearded dragon depended on its environment. Nevertheless, as a result of discerning breeding you can obtain bearded dragons in nearly every shade.

How Selective Breeding Functions

Careful breeding is the process of mating two specific bearded dragons with each various other to create spawn that have specific qualities you desire. As an example, if you discover a man and also women bearded dragon which contain a lot of red coloring, their offspring will have even more red coloring.

Since careful reproduction could create many shade variants of bearded dragons, it would be meaningless to list all the different names the dog breeders have provided their certain type. Nevertheless, you could identify all the colors into the following categories:

Red Bearded Dragons

Red bearded dragons are reproduced by breeding 2 various dragons with a high amount of red coloring. This creates their spawn to have a far more red look. The even more generations that are bred, the much deeper the red coloring could become.

By reproducing red dragons with different colored dragons, you can generate a range of distinctively tinted dragons.

The following is a listing of bearded dragons that have a mostly red appearance:

  • Red bearded dragon
  • Blood-red bearded dragon
  • Ruby red bearded dragon

The following is a list of bearded dragons that have a mix of red with various other colors:

  • Sandfire red bearded dragon
  • Orange bearded dragon
  • Citrus tiger facialed hair dragon
  • Sunburst facialed hair dragon
  • Tangerine facialed hair dragon

Yellow Bearded Dragons

Yellow bearded dragons are reproduced by breeding 2 different dragons with a high amount of yellow coloring. This triggers their children to have a far more yellow appearance. The even more generations that are bred, the further the yellow coloring could become. When dog breeders incorporate yellow dragons with red dragons they will usually produce dragons that are gold in appearance.

The following is a listing of bearded dragons that have a primarily yellow look:

  • Gold facialed hair dragon
  • Lemon fire facialed hair dragon
  • Citrus bearded dragon
  • Sandfire gold bearded dragon
  • Yellow bearded dragon
  • Yellow Gold Bearded Dragons

The following is a checklist of bearded dragons with a mix of yellow as well as various other colors:

  • Sandfire red bearded dragon
  • Orange bearded dragon
  • Citrus tiger bearded dragon
  • Sunburst bearded dragon
  • Tangerine facialed hair dragon
  • Red/ Orange/ Yellow Bearded Dragons

White Bearded Dragons

White dragons are bred by mating 2 dragons with white or pale coloring to generate a brand-new generation of dragons that have a lighter shade.

The following is a listing of bearded dragons that are white or light:

  • Albino bearded dragon
  • Snow bearded dragon

Orange Bearded Dragons


Truth orange tinted dragons are extremely searched for, a real orange is intense as well as vibrant even when in boring environments

Brown/Tan/Sand Bearded Dragons

The sandy colored dragons are the most usual, they have the tendency to have light grey as well as brownish colors with possibly a tip of soft orange or yellow, these are mostly what you see it your local family pet store

Purple/Blue Bearded Dragons

The brand-new purple/blue dragons are an item of overbreeding transparent bearded dragons with each other, a normal clear dragon can have a blue color to its tummy yet these dragons have that color throughout their bodies, really uncommon as well as extremely searched for these dragons do not seem to retain their shade as they come to be grownups as they change substantially, as well as could have shorter life expectancies as well as are more vulnerable to health problem

Standard Colors

Standard shades of bearded dragons are generally a mix of eco-friendly, tan, yellow, as well as red shades. Most bearded dragons can be found in these shades and also you typically just discover solid colored bearded dragons from careful breeders.

Bearded Dragon Species

There are 9 different species of bearded dragons, every one of which are located in Australia (the all-natural habitat of bearded dragons). Below is some general information regarding each specie.

Pogona Barbata

Called the Coastal or Eastern facialed hair dragon, they are usually discovered in Eastern Australia, but could often be discovered in central or South Australia as well.

Environment: Dry wooded locations

Max Size: 24 Inches

  • Energetic during the day
  • Like climbing, but additionally delight in carrying on the ground
  • Could be territorial when around various other dragons

Pogona Henrylawsoni

Called Lawsons facialed hair dragon, they are typically discovered in the western as well as main components of Queensland, Australia.

Environment: Dry, rocky, dry places (deserts).

Max Length: 12 Inches.

  • Active throughout the day.
  • Love climbing greater than anything else.

Pogona Microlepidota

Pogona Microlepidota Referred to as the Drysdale river facialed hair dragon, these are really rare as well as are typically located in North Kimberley Australia.

Environment: Shore and timberlands.

Max Length: 4-6 Inches.

  • Unidentified due to rareness.

Pogona Minor Minor

Pogona Minor Called the Dwarf facialed hair dragon, they are rare and are usually discovered in Western or main Australia.

Environment: Rocky areas and forests.

Max Size: 14-18 Inches.

  • Unidentified due to rareness.

Pogona Minor Minima

Pogona Minor Minima Referred to as the Western bearded dragon, these uncommon lizards are located in Western Australia as well as along the Houtman Albrohos Islands.

Habitat: Dry woodlands.

Max Length: 12 Inches.

  • Unknown because of rareness.

Pogona Minor Mitchelli

Pogona Minor Mitchelli Known as Mitchells bearded dragon, these rare reptiles are discovered in North Western Australia.

Environment: Semi-tropical woodlands and desert.

Max Length: 18 Inches.

  • Unknown because of rareness.

Pogona Nullarbor

Pogona Nullarbor Referred to as the Nullarbor facialed hair dragon, they could be discovered in South Australia.

Habitat: Flat brush settings.

Max Size: 14 Inches.

  • Unidentified due to rareness.

Pogona Vitticeps

Pogona Vitticeps Referred to as the Central facialed hair dragon, they could be discovered in Central Australia.

Habitat: Dry brush settings, woodlands, and deserts.

Max Length: 24 Inches.

  • Have mild nature.
  • Awake during the day.
  • Delight in climbing up.


Patterns can additionally refer viewpoint of the dog breeder. One of the most generally sprayed pattern summary is “tiger”. A Tiger pattern suggests the dragon has actually dark tinted straight red stripes via its sides separating its base shade, they look like a tiger’s stripes, hence the name. I have actually likewise seen patterns called “giraffe spots” as well as “freckles”, these as well as several various other amusing sounding patterns are not typically used names and also are made up by dog breeders making a pattern appear more enjoyable. Breeders could call a color as well as pattern whatever they desire, it is really a matter of opinion, change nevertheless is not.


The tiger pattern is easy, it resembles a tigers red stripes, thick and also dark horizontal lines across the dragon’s back, relying on the stamina of the “bars” the dragon’s worth boosts.

Other Patterns

There actually typically aren’t any kind of established names for any other dragon patterns aside from the hallmark pattern of a Dunner morph, there are differing types like a long “S pattern” or “unbroken lines” yet these are not a common kinds and are just descriptions dog breeders make use of often.

Growing Up

Remember that as a dragons grows it’s shades will alter. Some get duller, some brighter and also the common white stubborn belly and ‘backdrop’ that children have will certainly change into their base shade. These photos of one of my preferred dog breeders Krull show this quite possibly as he began white and also orange and also it transformed to all over orange.

Light Can Change Everything

When you are buying a bearded dragon that you aren’t visiting face to face expect altered photos. Lighting makes a distinction in shade so do not be misleaded. Below is an instance of the very same dragon in different lights as well as a dragon photo in the exact same light modified in Photoshop to change the shade. Regretfully saturation modifications take place a whole lot in on the internet sales.