Betta Fish Series – Different Types of Betta Fish

Types of betta fish

Types of Betta Fish – If you resemble me as well as have a solid passion for freshwater fish tanks, you have actually possibly taken into consideration including Betta fish to your tank. I’m sure you’ve listened to just how remarkable Bettas are as well as how stunning they could be.

Another need to get a Betta fish is the freedom to select a plethora of colors or patterns to attract admirers with an appealing aquarium. They are thought about as one of one of the most vivid freshwater fish.

These are one of the most common types of Betta fish:

Types of betta fish

Tail Kinds and Patterns

There are many different types, tail kinds as well as patterns of Bettas. I do not assume you can in fact detail them all, yet I’m mosting likely to attempt to do as numerous as I can.

Tail Types of Betta Fish


Closely associated with the traditional battling Betta, the Plakat Betta is easily recognizable from its short tail.

If you are not familiar with the Betta fish, you might assume Plakat are really women, given that they have brief fins as well as tails.

The tail of the Plakat Betta could be rounded or with extended rays as well as a spiky look.
When type with various other types, this fish has the tendency to look magnificent due to its different shades.



As the name suggests, the tail is just what makes this type of Betta so special.

It is one of the most preferred and magnificent sort of Betta because of its long, spiky tail.

There are 3 sorts of Crowntails: the single ray, the double ray, as well as the crossed ray.

The crossed ray is one of the most attractive kind, however likewise one of the most challenging to locate and deal with.

You should prevent keeping the Crowntail Betta in the same storage tank with hostile fish or it will be attacked extremely typically.

These fish likewise have stringent requirements and also in order for their tails to keep their form, the water needs to be completely clean constantly.

They are prone to diseases and aggressive in nature, which is why they prosper much better in a smaller sized container alone.



With a tail that spreads out 180 degrees, the Fifty percent Moon Betta is spectacular in any kind of shade.

To be taken into consideration a Fifty percent Moon, the tail of the Betta should create a complete “D” shape.

Just as the Crowntail Betta, the Fifty percent Moon Betta has to be kept alone or in the exact same storage tank with calm varieties that will certainly not attack their fins.

It is incredibly hard to reproduce them since the males could not wrap the female completely as a result of the woman’s lengthy tail.



The Double Tail Betta fish has two tails due to a genetic mutation.

Depending on the preliminary sort of Betta, this mutation could make the fish look really fascinating, however they are also shorter than common as well as prone to swim bladder conditions (something that I will certainly touch on one more Betta series article).

Very few babies survive, so you will not see them in aquariums or even in family pet stores really often.

It is not suggested to breed them with various other types of Bettas because the babies could be endangered initially.

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This is generally the result of a cross-breed between a Crowntail and also one more Betta type.

The Combtail has the form of a Crowntail, however with longer, thinner fins that offer a new look to the tail.

You can get this kind on your own by simply reproducing two various kinds of Bettas.



A result of mindful breeding, the Rosetail is extremely just like the Half Moon kind, yet the tail is a lot larger as well as with shaken up sides.

Although this kind looks unique, it is difficult to breed them.

The tail will certainly be gotten just if a hereditary mutation occurs, yet this additionally means the fish could be conscious illness as well as die too soon.


The Veil tail is one of the most usual breed of Bettas. Their tails arch up, after that float down, showing up to look a veil; this is how they got the name ‘Veil Tail’. Shroud Tails are conveniently found in practically any type of fish shop.


A Delta tail is the best name for any kind of solitary tailed non-Halfmoon Betta. A non-Halfmoon is when the tail has directly back sides much like a Halfmoon, but they don’t get to 180 degrees.


The Super Delta resembles a Delta Tail, but a boosted version of branching. It’s fantastic caudal fin extends in between 120-160 Degrees.


Spade tail Betta’s aren’t common, and also you don’t actually see them any longer. Their back tail has a broad base, that tightens to a tiny factor, much like a spade.


The Round Tail Betta’s are solitary tailed Betta’s with rounded sides. They are commonly confused with Halfmoons, but halfmoons ought to have a ‘D’ designed caudal, with sharp sides, while the round tail have actually rounded edges.


The feather tail Betta is really similar to the rose tail, yet tends to have an extra shaken up look.


Comb tail or Half Sun Betta’s are usually generated with crossing a Veil Tail and also a Crowntail. They are not as spiky as the Crowntail, but do have a mild sharp look.


Even though the giant Betta isn’t a tail kind, I believed I’ll add it in anyhow. As you can tell from its name, the Titan Betta really is a gigantic sized Betta. They wased initially reproduced in 1999, where a huge Betta was located. Finding an additional large Betta, they were reproduced with each other, and after that the production of those Bettas were bred once again, and once again until a line of Titan Betta’s were created. Giant Betta’s today could come in any one of the above tail kinds, as well as are all the same as normal Bettas, simply a good deal bigger. Halfmoon giant bettas are less usual than plakat titans, as halfmoon gigantic bettas frequently have difficulty standing up the massive amount of finnage.

This is a photo of my half-giant male (yes they get bigger compared to that!) against a typical sized man.

15. Numerous Other Betta Kind

The fantastic thing regarding the Betta fish is you could get the type and shade you desire by reproducing 2 various kinds. (an additional subject that I’ll be talking about in this betta series).

As a result of the fact that Bettas have actually been heavily crossed type throughout the years, there are many kinds of bettas that I’ve not covered (for certain).

Nonetheless, I will try to upgrade this article of brand-new kinds whenever possible.

And also if you recognize other kinds that I need to include, please remark below with the name as well as a short summary of the kind.

Tail Patterns and colours.


Solid colours are properly one of the most typical Betta colour, and also as you probably presumed from the name, they have one single colour from the tip of their head right down to their fins. There is lots of solid colours offered. Such as:.


Red is the most usual along with blue, and also is a really dominant colour when reproducing.
This kid is expanded red. Expanded red is an intense version of red, that covers the betta from go to tail, included pectoral fins (fins on the side of their body).


In addition to red, blue is the most typical Betta colour. It is additionally an extremely leading colour when reproducing. There are 3 different shades of blue. Royal Blue: Some Royal Blues appear to have a purple tint to them.


The Betta colour cellophane basically has no colour. The body is a fleshy colour, and their fins are clear.


A lot of white opaques have the tendency to have pollutants such as black detailing, or red laundry. Real white opaque is really difficult to produce.


Copper Betta’s can come in a light gold, a deep copper, a red-copper as well as some are also a little bit purple. Their colours genuinely beam in bright light or sunshine.


Black Betta’s, like the copper, come in a couple of different shades. There are three different tones of black: melano, black shoelace, and also super black. Regretfully, melano black women are sterile – they create eggs, yet due to the means the melanin protein clump together, it is deadly to the embryo, as well as the eggs fail to hatch out.


Bi-colour Betta’s have two various strong colours. Their body will certainly be one colour, and also their fins will be another colour. Now, I cannot cover every one, because well, their is as lots of as every mix of all the solid colours imaginable.


Cambodian Betta’s been available in three different tones: Red, blue and also eco-friendly. Cambodians have a fleshy colour body and also either a blue, red or green fins.


Chocolate Betta’s bodies are usually dark brown or black; yet are occasionally dark blue or eco-friendly! They have gold or yellow-orange fins.


Butterfly Bettas have actually a strong coloured body, and also their fins are split right into two separate colours, which are preferably balanced. They could come in any kind of colour combination. Butterfly is a marble attribute.


Marble Betta’s are now ending up being extra, and extra typical. They typically have a colouring of blue or red with a pale base. A marble Betta has unequal patterns all over their body. They could be one colour one week, one more the next week. As they age, they tend to decrease colour altering.


Piebald Betta’s have actually a fleshy coloured face no matter what their body colour is. The Piebald’s body is normally relatively strong, however could have any kind of pattern, such as a butterfly or marble.


Grizzle Betta’s are uncommon, as well as have either a pastel or nontransparent body with random flecks as well as spots of rainbowlike colouring. Each fin will also have grizzle pattern. The body and fins must have exactly two different rainbowlike colour. Grizzle Betta’s which show 50% iridescence as well as 50% pastel or nontransparent body is chosen.


When a Betta has black etching on it’s ranges, it’s called pineapple.


Betta’s that are said to have masks, are referred to having their face the same colour as their body; where most Betta’s face’s are a darker color compared to their body.


A newish pattern that is coming to be increasingly prominent. Dragon Betta’s normally have a brilliant, solid base, such as red, with their scales highlighted in a light iridescent colour. Their ranges appear to appear like that of a reptile – or dragon.

See how these dragon Betta’s ranges are highlighted?


Orange dalmatian Betta’s are not actually usual. They have a light orange body with darker orange spots of different sizes all patched around there body. Likewise called Apricot Attractions.


A mustard gas Betta is a Betta with either an eco-friendly or blue body with yellow or orange fins. They are a preferred bi-colour pattern. They could be much like delicious chocolate Betta’s.


Multicolour Betta’s do not fit into any one of the above detailed colours/patterns. They contend the very least three various colours in them that do not have any sort of order. Muticolours are often referred to as ‘pooches’, as well as can quickly be found in several pet stores.


A piebald coloured fish has a pale flesh-coloured face no matter what the body colour is. The rest of the body need to be relatively solid, other butterfly patterning could be present. Piebald fish carry the Marbled genetics.


Real environment-friendly is seldom seen in Bettas, it is more often to be Blue-green.


Wild-type Bettas’ colouration consists of a green or blue rainbowlike body with blue rays in the fins and also all fins otherwise mainly red. Wild-Types can typically additionally be hybrids with other sorts of Betta consisting of Betta imbellis.


Yellow Bettas typically carry the desirable red-loss gene that causes Bettas to not have redwash. They will certainly frequently also bring as well as toss fry that are iridescent Blue and Eco-friendly. Yellow varies from really light yellow to abundant buttery yellow. Pineapple describes yellow Bettas with darker interpretations around their scales on their body, providing a slightly “unclean” look.


Seldom seen, Orange Bettas are generally a rich tangerine colour and also could show up red in bad lights.


Pure purple Bettas are practically unprecedented but those close to it have actually been seen including abundant violets, or blues with copper iridescence. Some purples may look blue or red in certain lights, and also only reveal their real colour under bright light.


This unusual name describes Bettas with a green, blue, or steel blue body and yellow or orange fins, it is a bicolour pattern.