20+ Different Types of Freshwater Angelfish

types of freshwater angelfish

Types of Freshwater Angelfish – When you arrange your aquarium, you invest a long time thinking about the selections of fish you intend to have.

You recognize everything from the illumination to the plants depends upon you, which is why you do not want to hurry right into this choice. Besides, some fish need a lot of treatment while others do not have any unique requirements such as bettas.

In your search, you might have come across Pterophyllum Scalare or “Angelfish”; an appealing-looking fish in any storage tank that will not invest your whole budget plan to care for.

Angelfish live in freshwater aquariums and come in a variety of colors and also shapes. If you are taking into consideration getting an angelfish, reviewed the remainder of this message …

Types of Freshwater Angelfish

With the simplicity of cross-breeding, there are a rise in the number of angelfish species today. Right here are some of the most typical types and also their particularities:

1. Zebra Angelfish

types of freshwater angelfish - Zebra

The name originates from the stripes of this fish; while various other varieties have only three red stripes, this kind can have four or 5. The majority of the moment they are smaller than various other angelfish, yet this additionally makes them much faster.

They have no unique requirements, however it is suggested to not maintain them in the exact same fish tank with big fish that could hurt them.

2. Veil Angelfish

Freshwater Angelfish – Shroud Angelfish
One of the most prominent kinds of angelfish located in containers and also among the most stunning ones. Their fins are long, but if you aim to keep this fish with various other aggressive types, they will certainly have their fins bit.

The good thing is that this angelfish could be combined with other shade angelfish.

Take note of the temperature of the water because this fish is delicate to variations of temperature level.

3. Marble Angelfish

freshwater angelfish – marbled angelfish
Extremely much like the Shroud Angelfish only with much shorter fins. It has a silver base with a black pattern and often an orange line on the top of the fish.

This angelfish is pretty resistant to illness and does not need unique conditions.


Freshwater angelfish – albino angelfish
Considered a hereditary mutation considering that it does not have any type of black shade on its body, the Albino has red eyes and a brief lifetime, no matter the conditions you provide.

Their body can have gold or yellow red stripes and they are extremely sensitive to any disease.

Albinos do not have the black pigments. They have brilliant red eyes and also nearly white bodies with gold to yellow stripes. Their tails could appear to have a blue shade.


freshwater angelfish – leopard angelfish
This kind is not as typical as the others, yet it looks phenomenal in an efficient tank. As opposed to stripes, the Leopard Angelfish has spots.

In order to maintain this pattern when they are adults, you need to supply a certain quantity of light otherwise, the pigment will alter as well as the places will go away.


This kind has the common body shape, yet the only distinction is the shade. This fish lacks any kind of track of coloring, so its whole body is silver.


freshwater angelfish – black shoelace angelfish
The reverse of the Ghost Angelfish, this kind is virtually totally black as a result of excessive pigmentation. This fish is typical in aquariums, although many people like the more vibrant kind.

Nonetheless, if the fish tank has the right amount of light you could occasionally see traces of their all-natural pattern.


This fish has a mix of black and silver, yet the giving a grey look.

Smokey angelfish could be black as well as silver candy striped to marbled, however with a dull smokey appearance throughout.


freshwater angelfish – gold angelfish
The Gold Angelfish is popular as well as it has an extremely particular shade.

The fish is half silver and half gold, although the young fish don’t have a really clear golden color, but by their first year of life in the best condition, they will certainly establish gold colors.

You do not need to stress over their needs excessive, yet you need to make certain that the aquarium has appropriate lights.


freshwater angelfish – flushing angelfish
The name comes from both red gills that make this fish look like it is flushing. The gill shade can vary from light orange to bright red, depending upon the parentage.

The body is generally golden, yet in some fish you will likewise observe a silver color.

Generally, the golden shade is after they get to maturity.


freshwater angelfish – koi angelfish
Most individuals have heard of Koi Carp, however numerous never ever believed the carp and angelfish can be combined. Well, they can be as well as the outcome is amazing.

The Koi Angelfish could have a range of shades from gold to bright orange with black areas.

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12. Altum Angelfish

The Pterophyllum Altum, or even more merely referred to as the Altum Angelfish, is not frequently seen in the aquarium trade. It is bigger, deeper, and also flatter compared to the commonly seen Angelfish species, Pterophyllum Scalare. They are even more conscious modifications in water conditions, as well as therefore extra challenging to keep in a fish tank, this fish is well worth the extra effort. Anticipate to pay a little extra for them as well, as they are much and also couple of in between in pet stores.

13. Golden Angelfish

In the late 1960s, an Angelfish dog breeder in Milwaukee was stunned to find an oddly colored fry in a spawning of Black Lace Angels. That solitary fish at some point led to the Naja Gold, which became the initial Gold Angelfish in the aquarium profession. Numerous lines of Gold Angelfish have actually emerged as well as since then. Currently, Golden Angels are relatively typical in the aquarium trade and also are cross-bred with various other varieties to produce lots of remarkably colored specimens.

14. Dusky Blushing Angelfish

Can you pick out all the variants in this beautiful fish? It definitely has shroud genes in its make-up, as well as blushing cheeks. The blushing is because of a lack of pigmentation, which enables the redness of the gills to reveal through. This fish additionally displays dusky black edges to the fins. Blushing Angelfish are amongst the most challenging to breed and are extremely conscious water problems. Their elegance more than offsets the extra initiative required to keep them.

15. Golden Marble Angelfish

Who wouldn’t want this stunning set of Golden Marble Angelfish? Marbled Angels have actually been around given that the late 1960s, and also show a wide range of marbled markings. Both of these fish have solid Golden qualities with a slight variation; the fish left wing has far more black than the one the right, and the fish on the right reveals flushing cheeks. Gold Marbles are typically called Koi Angels.

16. Half-Black Angelfish

Here’s an Angelfish range that you won’t see every day. Referred to as the Half-Black Angelfish, they have been around for well over a half century. Half-Black Angelfish aren’t simple to increase, as well as because they are not in high need, they are rarely seen to buy.

17. Silver Angelfish

Silver Angelfish have actually long been the foundation of the Angelfish trade. All silvers have 3 stripes, one through the eye, as well as two even more through the body. They are quite durable as well as amongst the simplest of Angelfish to care for.

18. Silver and gold Angelfish

Currently right here is a timeless pair-Gold and Silver Angels. Keep in mind that the Silver Angelfish has only two stripes, which is a fascinating variant. You can also see the distinction in the eyes. Gold Angels will rarely sporting activity red eyes, while Silver Angels normally do.

19. Black Angelfish

Black angelfish are mostly black, sometimes showing up jet black, and also originate from parents that are both black shoelace. Although usually you often could see the natural striping under the best light.

20. Delicious chocolate Angelfish

Chocolate angelfish have two of the smokey gene anomalies and also have a more dark delicious chocolate look throughout.

21. Clown Angelfish

The clown angelfish, first seen in the early 1980s, has a silver body with black smudges that varies from the marble pattern of the marble angelfish.

22. Gold Marble Angelfish

As adults these are gold to almost orange fish with some black marbling.

In summary…

There you have it. 11 of the most typical kinds of angelfish for your freshwater fish tank. These fishes are rather hardy as well as suitable for novice aquarist. Even so, you still should have a proper arrangement with adequate lighting and filter.