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Why and How to Clean Your Car’s Carpet

The feeling is really bad when your car looks more aged than it really is. Children with sticky candies, drive-thru fast foods and your drooling dog play their role in making the interior of your car more untidy. When talking about the interior, leather upholstery and carpet look worn out and beaten. In spite of your hard effort at cleanliness, your carpet will slowly become the victim of spills, oil spots, food and whatever beneath your shoes. Professionals handle these problems differently and keep carpets looking new for a longer period of time. Car carpet cleaning experts in Calgary provide some of the top tips and clarify misconceptions about carpet cleaning.

Why clean your carpet regularly?

You can retain and multiply the value of the car by maintaining the look of the car inside and out. These are some important reasons why you should clean the carpet regularly.

Make your car smell nice

The carpet and floor mats in your car contain dirt, stains and rotten food particles. All these combine together and release a bad odor. Thus, you must count on a professional automobile cleaner to help replace the bad smell with a pleasant aroma by advanced techniques like shampooing, steam cleaning and vacuuming.

Avoid the embarrassment

It doesn’t feel good to get an embarrassing comment from a guest who sits in your car for the first time. Keep the carpets tidy, spot-free and germfree, so that you do not have to pull the windows down while driving.

Regular cleaning can remove light stains

Some stains get accumulated in the floor mats when they are not cleaned for a long time. Quick vacuum cleaning helps remove such stains and dirt. For ugly marks that come from ketchup or soda, try advanced car carpet shampooing in Calgary from a reliable company.

Improve hygiene   

When you take your vehicle for a complete interior car cleaning, along with carpet care, powerful disinfectants will also be applied to kill harmful bacteria and improve the hygiene. Especially, if you have small kids or a family member with asthma taking care of the hygiene is a must.

Some Self-Care Tips Provided By Experts:

Blotting helps rather than rubbing. Wipe stains with a clean cloth, sponge or paper towels dipped in a solution or plain water. When light pressure is applied, it soaks up the stain better. Rubbing can lead to premature breakdown of carpet fibers. If you have time and ready to spend some effort, you can remove a normal carpet mark by mixing hot water, car cleaning detergent and vinegar. Work the mixture methodically and let it sit for half an hour. Use thick rags or towel to blot the mixture.

Obvious stains or bad smell are signs that imply that your car’s carpet needs to be shampooed. But, even when you cannot trace any such signs, you still must take good precaution to keep your car’s interior clean and germ-free.

There are few trusted detailer in Calgary that offer outstanding shampooing service for the vehicle’s upholstery, carpet and floor mats. Being professional and experienced, they ensure that these advanced treatments do not discolor the carpet and eliminate the spots effectively.