Information About Winter White Dwarf Hamster Care and Facts

Winter White Hamster – The Wintertime White Hamster, also referred to as the Winter season White Dwarf Hamster, Djungarian Hamster or the Siberian Hamster, is one of three different types of hamster in the Phodopus category. Winter Whites are belonging to parts of northwest China, Kazakhstan and Mongolia. Very closely connected to the Campbells Dwarf Hamster they can interbreed as well as develop hybrid children (Not Advised). Similar to all varieties of hamster, they are common as pets in Europe, Asia, and North America generally maintained as pairs or in a group in captivity. Wintertime White hamsters have the unique capacity to transform the shade of their fur to being totally white as winter approaches, hence their name “Wintertime White.”

Male winter white hamsters have a single fragrance gland located on their bottoms, a little bit listed below their midline. These glands stick out, are often hairless, and also usually look covered in an oily secretion.

Wintertime Whites gained their name because, in the wild, the locations where they live are covered in snow in the winter months time, therefore they change their coat to white so regarding be masked from killers.

Winter White or Hybrid – Which kind of hamster Makes the best Pets?

Winter White Hamster

Pet shops usually miss-label their animals as Winter months Whites, when they are Hybrid hamsters sourced from rodent ranches. Personal adverts stating ‘winter season white hamsters available’ are greater than likely to be hybrid animals unless expressly declared ‘pedigree.’ You could only get a Winter season White Hamster from a certified dog breeder that can give you with a pedigree certificate as well as a history of the hamster’s family tree.

Purebred Winter season Whites hold lots of benefits to pet shop bought pet dogs. They are generally a little larger, strong as well as exhibit a better personality. Hybrid hamsters are prone to carrying congenital diseases including being diabetes mellitus prone.

Appearance of the Winter White

Winter White Dwarf Hamster

Similar to the Campbell’s hamster, they have the same quantity of chromosomes, as well as they grow to the very same dimension– about 2– 3 inches in length. Compared with various other hamsters, winter whites have a rounder oblong looking physique with fur covered feet and also legs.

Among the most effective ways to differentiate the Wintertime White from the Campbell’s is the fact that wintertime whites have an even more Romanesque account nose.

Winter months Whites are much softer to the touch and also have a smoother and also much less wooly layer compared with the Campbell’s. They are available in three major shade ranges– sapphire pearl, sapphire, and also all-natural pearl. There are a few other coloring’s available, yet they are greater than most likely crossed with Campbell’s hence making them hybrids. Both hamsters have dorsal stripes; the winter season white has even more meaning on the arcs providing a higher contrast in between colors.

Sometimes you will see Winter Whites marketed as ‘mushroom,’ ‘Mandarin’ or various other colors. They are not pure Wintertime White (these color variations originates from their Campbell genes).


  • Regular– Black and Grey with Shiner
  • Sapphire– Smokey blue Grey Shade
  • Pearl– Primarily white covered hamster with the ends of the hairs

Behavior – Typical Winter White Behavior and Character

As Pets

Wintertime White hamsters are quite peaceful pets as well as can be subjugated extremely quickly making superb pets. When totally tamed they love to sit in a human hand as well as be brushed carefully. They are much more timid animals as compared to their very closely related Campbell’s hamster.

As Social Animals

Winter season Whites are extremely social animals as well as do the most effective living along with an additional same-sex hamster or in little even number teams. It is pleasurable to view their communications and offer a much different pet experience compared to the solitary Syrian Hamster. Winter season Whites are capable of dealing with Crossbreeds, Campbell’s and Winter months Whites from other clutters if they are introduced to each various other properly. Lone hamsters could live healthy and balanced lives as long as you provide regular focus as well as they have a wonderful huge cage loaded with points to do.

Male Winter months Whites tend to be less vulnerable to fighting and also territorial actions compared to females. They can be fairly loud when living together, frequently squeaking at each various other. Generally, this is just interaction– developing that in charge is as well as submissive, or in some cases it is just their means of stating “quit basing on me” or “I want that piece of food!”. Winter months White hamsters are understood to be “huge babies.” I have frequently believed one of them was being completely killed just to figure out that of them has fallen out with a commode roll tube.

Relations and Fighting

You can preserve excellent connections in between Winter Whites by supplying them with a large cage with a lot of room and ensuring they have several wheels, playthings as well as food bowls to prevent them fighting over the use of them. Dwarf Hamsters do best when offered lots of open strategy space, multi-story cages as well as module habitats with tubes are not suitable for them.

If squeaks suddenly come to be louder, more obvious and longer sounding check out them as one of them could be obtaining bullied. Severe fighting (to the fatality) is typically a peaceful affair however not always the instance. Having your wintertime white hamsters combating is never ever a good thing for proprietors or animals.

Life Span – How long do Winter White Hamsters Live For?

In the wild, Winter season Whites typically have a life expectancy of around YEAR however when kept in bondage as well as offered with outstanding care as well as nourishment they can live for 2 years plus. Some owners have actually reported their hamsters have measured up to 4 years. If you want your animal hamsters to live as long as possible, give them with correct nourishing diet, a lot of exercise as well as lots of mental excitement (toys).

Care – How to take care of Winter White Hamsters

Winter White Hamsters should be offered with a large atmosphere to cope with appropriate food, bed linens, playthings as well as a hamster wheel to supply workout. If you keep two or more hamsters, make certain they have multiple hamster wheels and playthings in order to help avoid territorial fighting.

Professionals state that Pure Winter months White hamsters unlike Campbell’s and also hybrids are not vulnerable to diabetes; however, I choose to be on the side of caution by feeding them a low/no sugar diet. A little item of fruit periodically as a treat is fine.

Breeding – Winter White Hamster Gestation and Reproduction

Winter Whites are extremely much like Campbells Dwarfs when it pertains to reproducing. Ladies could become sexually fully grown as young as 3 to 4 weeks, and also men are capable of fertilizing as young as 4 to 5 weeks. Animal stores are commonly miss out on notified about their pet supply making lots of shock trashes for brand-new proprietors.

Winter season Whites have smaller sized trashes when they remain in their winter season layers, but they still do have the urges to breed.


Similar to all varieties of hamster, females wintertime whites enter into warmth every 4 days (approximately). Once the male hamster sniffs the distinct ‘warmth’ fragrance from the woman, he will certainly attempt to mate with her numerous times. Typical technique is to place the lady, try to mate. after that they will both clean their genitals and also try again. This can continue for hrs!

Gestation – How long is the Winter White Hamster Pregnant?

As soon as the Winter months White hamster is expecting, pregnancy is commonly around 18– 25 days, nonetheless, these hamsters have the capability to expand their pregnancy if they feel uncomfortable or threatened.

The male has to be removed from the cage a few days before you believe the woman of giving birth as females can become pregnant on the same day as delivering. This is not a healthy and balanced practice and also will certainly create stress and anxiety on her body in addition to rapidly making you as the owner overrun with infant hamsters. You need to also clean the cage a couple of days prior to birth as you will not have the ability to for a couple of weeks while she is nursing.

Litter Size – How many Babies do Winter White Hamsters Have?

You could expect the pregnant lady to have anything from 1 to 9 dogs each litter; nevertheless, 4-6 is the average.

Facts – Some Interesting Facts about Winter White Hamsters

  1. Winter White Hamsters could transform their layer to blend in with the snow in their wild native environments to hide from killers. Residential hamsters tend not to alter their coats.
  2. Winter months Whites are more likely to be energetic in the daytime as compared to their close cousins the Campbell’s.
  3. Winter Whites are rarer to locate than Campbell’s. Pet dog stores tend to stock Campbell’s as well as Crossbreeds. You could find purebred Winter months Whites from finding a recognized dog breeder from your nation.
  4. Winter Whites are much easier to tame compared with other Dwarf Hamsters. They are very social and much more responsive to being held by people.
  5. They have the Latin name of ‘Phodopus Sungorus’.
  6. Winter White Dwarf hamsters duplicate at a faster price than Syrian hamsters, as well as they could become pregnant on the same day as they give birth. They breed all year long without any specific breeding season.