6+ Different Types of Chihuahuas Dog Mixes Breeds with Pictures

Types of Chihuahua

TYPES OF CHIHUAHUA – Although many people are not aware of that, there are actually different types of Chihuahuas available and they are easy to distinguish because their physical features are usually different from each other. Chihuahuas are great small sized dogs that make great pets and companions. They are smart and nice and will be loved … Read more

4+ Types of Falcons Species with Pictures

Tyoes of Falcons

Types of Falcons – Below is revealed a list of falcon species. Participants of the falcon familiy are about divisible right into 3 or four groups. The initial includes the kestrels. Kestrels feed primarily on earthbound animals as well as invertebrates of ideal dimension, such as rodents, reptiles, or bugs. The 2nd team contains a little … Read more

10 Different Types Of Lions with Fact and Pictures

types of lions

TYPES OF LIONS – Lions are majestic animals, and they are a colossal cat species that is a part of the Felidae family of mammals. Most of the time, you will find the fact that lions are seen as a part of 2 major species, Asian or African. But what types of lions are there? We … Read more