6+ Different Types of Chihuahuas Dog Mixes Breeds with Pictures

TYPES OF CHIHUAHUA – Although many people are not aware of that, there are actually different types of Chihuahuas available and they are easy to distinguish because their physical features are usually different from each other. Chihuahuas are great small sized dogs that make great pets and companions.

They are smart and nice and will be loved by everybody in the household. Understanding the different types of Chihuahuas is not really necessary but if you are one of the enthusiastic dog lovers who would like to know the difference between different Chihuahuas’ breeds to bring a particular one home then you might want to know the difference between different types.

The differences are quite easy to spot and distinguish. Before buying a Chihuahua, you must understand that their shapes differ drastically. People will choose different types of Chihuahuas depending on their physical features that would appeal to them. Some people like dogs that will have a short even coat while others like a long classical coat that makes a Chihuahua look elegant.

It is a matter of pure taste and there is no type that is considered to be better than the other. Short and long haired Chihuahuas are equally good looking and have the same lovable attitude.

Technically speaking there is one type of Chihuahuas. But some dog breeders classify them according to the length of the coat. But unofficially people will classify Chihuahuas according to the size of the head, body tape and coat length.

These features are easy to spot and will make dogs look different each other but shouldn’t be considered as official types. This way of classification can help people identify the type and shape of the Chihuahua they are buying or bringing home. This classification also allows people to study these different types so that they can choose the type the prefer best.

How Many Types of Chihuahuas are there?

1. Smooth Coat Chihuahua

Types of Chihuahuas

This type of Chihuahuas requires less combing and grooming attention since its coat is made of shorter hairs that are easy to maintain and attend to. It also sheds less which can be a relevant factor when you are picking a dog to bring home.

This type of Chihuahuas is typically suitable for people who are allergic to dogs’ hairs because there will be less shedding, although it sheds quite a lot for a short coat.

People who have little time for grooming or for taking care of a dog consider this type to be the most appropriate one because it is low maintenance and doesn’t require hours of attention every day.

But still it will require an occasional bath every now and then to stay clean but it is still low maintenance that you can pull off with a tough job or kids in the house. The head of the dog could be apple head or deer head and it comes in different coat shades.

2. Long Coat Chihuahua

Types of Chihuahua

This type is officially recognized by dog kennels. The coat is long but it doesn’t really shed a lot. Although it requires little trimming there will always be the need of everyday brushing and grooming or the dog will be in danger. The length of the coat varies but it is usually long not short and it has a smooth touch to it like velvet.

This type of dogs is the most preferred one by people who like to take their dogs to dog shows. This dog will grow to its full size in 3 years once it reaches maturity. The apple head and deer head Chihuahuas can have this kind of coat.

3. Apple Head Chihuahua

The dog has this name because its head looks just like an apple and it is the most common types of Chihuahuas. In fact some people consider other dogs that don’t have an apple head not to be real Chihuahuas. The snout of the apple head Chihuahua is shorter than that of a deer head Chihuahua and the stop is more prominent.

The colors of the coats come in different shades and colors like all other Chihuahuas. If you have a Chihuahua that has the eyes bulging out of their sockets then maybe it suffers from hydrocephalus. It will still have a big head that is proportional to the size of the body.

4. Deer Head Chihuahua

This type is less popular and is less found. The shape of the head is more elongated and the snout is narrower than that of an apple head. The body and the legs are usually longer than that those of an apple head.

These dogs are less popular among owners and are not allowed into dog shows communities but as a matter of fact are healthier than other Chihuahuas and have less genetic problems that the other ones usually suffer from. It is very important to check if your dog is sick before buying it.

5. Teacup Chihuahua.

Any Chihuahua that is 9 inches high and weighs less than 5 pounds is considered to be a Teacup Chihuahua. These dogs will act just like the other dogs although they are only different in size. These dogs will reach this size only when they are adults, if they are bigger then, they are not to be considered as Teacup Chihuahuas.

6. Fawn Chihuahua.

There is not actually a type that is called fawn Chihuahuas but some dogs are characterised this way depending on their color. A fawn shade is found in different types of Chihuahuas and can come in different colors like blue fawn, sable fawn or fawn and white.

If color can be used as a way to classify Chihuahuas then there would be a lot of breeds because there are different colors and patterns like marked, ticked, flecked, speckled, bi-colored, tri-colored, Irish marked, brindle, sable, merle and splashed.

Therefore colors and patterns should not be used to classify Chihuahuas and considering the fawn type as a separate type is actually a mistake.

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Information Types of Chihuahua

Types of Chihuahua


Whatever the type of the Chihuahua you choose, you must make sure that you can give it all the attention and care it needs. Chihuahuas are lovable companions and make great pets. They are sometimes the best dogs to have around the house. They are fun, lovable and require love and attention.

There is a great confusion about how many types of Chihuahuas there are really and what does each type represent. Actually to understand what each name implies, there are some factors that you need to consider:

  • What does each name mean exactly
  • Why do these terms exist
  • What are the official types and what are the unofficial types

One Chihuahua Breed

Chihuahuas are considered to be only one breed. This is the official classification that is recognized worldwide. However, this type has 2 varieties. The long coat Chihuahuas is called long haired Chihuahuas and the short haired Chihuahuas also known as the smooth coat Chihuahuas.

These are the only recognized types of Chihuahuas that known and approved by all dog kennels clubs and all people who are interested in Chihuahuas. This includes the American Kennel Club, The Kennel Club of the United Kingdom and the Canadian Kennel Club in addition to the Fédération Cynologique Internationale.

Although there is a significant difference in physical features like the size of the head, the shape of the head, the size of the body and the entire body structures, classification based on these physical attributes is not official and is not used by professionals. There are only 2 recognized types based on the coat length. This is especially true since it will involve the introduction of a large number of varieties that can be overwhelming to count and differentiate.

The variations in the size of the head, the shape of the head or the size of the body is usually the result of improper and unstudied breeding that leads to new breeds that don’t meet the written standard.

Over the years breeders have tried to produce more breeds according to the customers’ needs, creating more types. But these types are unofficial and are only made to meet the standards and requirements of customers. They are not considered official kinds by any kennel clubs.

Coat variations- Short and Long- are the only accepted types:

According to kennel clubs there is one breed of Chihuahuas and they have 2 types of coats, short and long. They are closely related as members of the same breed. The coat length is the only physical feature that can be used to differentiate different types of Chihuahuas. Any other physical feature like the head size, the body size or the body shape can’t be used to classify Chihuahuas.

No type is considered better than the other or is preferred at competitions. They are equally favorable in every competition and are required to receive adequate attention. In case of a long coat, it should be full and there should be no thinning. You can find professionally trained and champion dogs with short and long fur.

Size Differences – Teacup and Miniature

To professionals the term is actually offensive and unprofessional. The “Teacup” name was invented by several breeders who meant to create something beneficiary to their clients. In order to breed really tiny dogs, breeders would marry runt dogs that are too small and already have too many health problems. When 2 runt dogs mated the results could be really tiny dogs. This has been done in different small and toy breeds like Yorkshires, Maltese, Shih Tzu, Pomeranian, Toy Poodle and Terrier.

When runt dogs were mated, the resulting pups would usually be too small and have very weak bones. They usually suffer from a lot of health problems. Because the breeder usually doesn’t care much about the credibility of his dogs, he might be might be able to sell these sick puppies as Teacup and Miniature dogs which are usually sold for a higher price.

Although the terms are unofficial, this didn’t prevent these unethical breeders to create competitions for these small dogs in particular. So the breeders would try their best to breed the smallest puppies ever.

Some good breeders would still use the name but for a different purpose. They would usually use the term Teacup and Miniature to indicate a small dog that hasn’t reached maturity yet. If there is a grown dog that didn’t reach the recommended size, then it will be considered to be a Teacup but this still doesn’t mean that it is an official type or that it can be used to classify dogs.

In most cases these small dogs will have a lot of health problems because they are underdeveloped and have bad genes too. This means that continuing to breed these small dog breeds will harm the entire breed altogether since the new members produced are usually weak and immature. vulnerable to health issue.


A Word About Colors:

Types of Chihuahua

Chihuahuas can be found in a large number of colors and patterns. There are solids that are one distinctive color and there are bi-colored dogs and tri-colored dogs as well. Chihuahuas will come with spots or will be striped or they will have black tipped hair which is called sable. These types although will look very different they are actually considered to be the same type of dogs.

If you take a long look at a short haired sable Chihuahua and a long haired tri-colored dog, you can end up with 2 very different dogs that will definitely look as if they don’t belong to the same group.

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  1. I found a little fawn puppy that was taken from mom to soon. Could anyone out there please help with some suggestions on how to feed and care for it , and let me know the do’s and don’ts of caring for this puppy day to day. I want him to be safe and healthy. PLEASE HELP. ALL COMMENTS ARE APPRECIATED

    • Go to the vet or the pet store ask about some type of formula for puppies and also a bottle for your puppy be sure to either take the pup with you or tell them the age and size of your baby pup. I know one time we had some kittens mother quit feeding them so that’s what we had to do. They should also tell you how much and how often to feed him. God bless you with your new baby.

    • Like you would a newborn baby. We got a Chiweenie that was was given to us to soon (4 weeks old). We put down pee pads and bottle fed her. The bottle we bought at a farm supply store but wound up using a syringe because she couldn’t adjust to nipple. Also we had to get her special milk that they sold there too. She slept between my husband and I in a small cat bed. Cover your dog, they get cold. Now she is 9 months old and is the sweetest, most adaptive dog we have had and she loves our 3 cats 🙂 Hope that helps!

  2. I love chihuahuas because i have 2 long haired chihuahuas ones going to have babies and i have a mixed chihuahua too one is chocolate and tan that the mom and the other one is black and tan thats the dad and the mixed one that a girl and she is a red rat terrier chihuahua

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