20+ Different Types of Eagles with Pictures

TYPES OF EAGLES – There are a lot of animals that coexist with us, a lot of which we don’t know enough about when it comes down to understanding how they work.  One of those majestic creatures that we should know more about is that of the eagle.

There are over 60 different kinds of eagles out there in the world around us – yes, seriously – and they all originate from the family of Accipitridae, which are broken down into the sub groups of Buteoninae and Circaetinae.  Take a look at some of the most popular kinds in our world.

How Many Types of Eagles are there?

1. Bateleur Eagle

types of eagles

This eagle is often recognized due to being the national emblem of Zimbabwe. This distinctive eagle has a black head and beak, with red skin on its cheeks.  These fierce birds love to feed on pigeons and other small animals that they can catch.

When reproducing, a single egg is laid and incubated up to 43 days before it hatches.  Unlike other kinds of eagles, it is always a single egg.  Typically, the Bateleur Eagle is pretty silent, though it is known to produce over 10 different kinds of noises if needed.

2. Bald Eagle

This is the most common kind of eagle in our modern world, as it is a symbol that is often associated with the USA.  Officially, it is the symbol of the USA.  Wit ha white head, distinctive yellow beak, and brown body, it’s a colourful creature that especially loves to live in areas by the water.

With fish being its prey of choice, you can see why these sorts of locations are popular.  An eagle can reproduce for up to 5 years of its life, though an eagle can live for up to 20 years from start to finish of its life.  Females are larger than males, and heavier as well.

3. Black Chested Buzzard Eagle

This is one of the most impressive eagles in the sense that it truly is a lone hunter.  This bird has a black chest with a grey body.

They love to live on cliffs and other spots where they can easily keep an eye on their territory and keep an eye out for burrowing owls or squamates, which are their favourite prey. Uniquely, these eagles mate while in flight, making them impressive to say the least.

4. Golden Eagle

Another popular eagle, this breed has a dark brown body with lighter patches of brown on tis head and wings.  It has a large wingspan and this is part of why they are known for being so agile.

Popular in Korea and Japan, these birds create nests on tops of trees and females lay approximately 4 eggs per pregnancy.  Impressively, these kinds of eagles have up to 155 km of area as their own to protect.

5. African Fish Eagle

With bold white feathers on its head and chest, this eagle is distinctive because it is entirely monogamous.  Each female lays up to 3 eggs and incubates them for 45 days or more.  These impressive creatures love to feed on fish and ducks.  The young, when they hatch, will go out on their own as soon as they develop their own array of feathers.

6. Steller’s Sea Eagle

These impressive birds are strong and have sharp bills that they use to hunt squid, cod and carrions.  They have large nests that are built in the woods near the water, where their young are raised.  The eggs that are laid take over a month to hatch entirely, one of the slowest in the wild. These birds have black feather on their heads and necks.

7. Martial Eagle

These eagles have black features on the head and chest, and are especially large with very big nests.  Each female lays up to 2 eggs per pregnancy and the eggs are incubated for 45 days or so. Distinctively, this kind of eagle marks its own territory by circling the skies above its prey, and then diving in to have a snack on rabbits or squirrels.

8. White Tailed Eagle

Another large creature, this is actually considered to be the fourth largest bird of prey that we know about.  It has a great distinctive blending of colours that vary in shades of brown. The white tail on this bird is what gives it it’s name.

The females build large nests and produce up to 3 eggs that incubate for around 38 days. The chicks are raised with the parents directly until they are old enough to be entirely independent and go out on their own.

9. Crested Serpent Eagle

These unique eagles have got really different spots and streaks on their wings.  The colourful plumage continues with a black neck and head.  The crest of their head combines white feathers, too, giving it a distinct look.  The legs of these eagles are completely free from feathers.  With bright yellow eyes, this is one fierce looking eagle.

10. Bonelli’s Eagle

These eagle is narrow in stature and has relatively round, short wings, too. These wings have white around its front edge, black on its back, and grey right on the joint area. Distinctive to say the least, though they are smaller.  It does have, however, a large tail that helps them steer.  They enjoy eating crows and gulls.

11. Crested Hawk Eagle

With brown wings tipped with darker colours, there are several shades of brown that these can be, depending on where they are living specifically.  They love to eat rabbits and rodents amongst other small mammals that can be found in their home.

12. Philippine Eagle

Distinctive due to its long feathers that create almost a mane on its crest, this kind of eagle is especially unique due to its brown feathers on top of its wing and white feathers on the underside, giving it a different look and feel.  With a large beak that’s grey, and large, claws, this is absolutely a unique eagle.  Very distinctive amongst the others.

13. Harpy Eagle

This is an eagle that used to exist all over the world, but now has lost most of its territory, which is rainforest.  It is a huge raptor that is powerful and incredible to watch on the hunt.  A powerful creature that is quickly disappearing.

14. Wedge Tailed Eagle

Popular in Australia, it has a long wingspan that is fully feathered, and a unique wedge tail, giving it the name it deserves.  It is considered to be one of the most impressive birds of prey native to Australia.

15. Crowned Eagle

This eagle is popular in Africa due to its prey and habitat preferences.  It is a large bird of prey and loves to hunt in forests in the desert-like habitat.  It lives entirely with the name of Stephanoaetus unlike others that cross into the sub genres and the other names that were mentioned at the top.

16. Booted Eagle

This powerful hunter lives in Asia and both breeds and lives happily in these kinds of climates and habitats.  It has learned to enjoy these kinds of habitats and now flourishes in them.

17. Eastern Imperial Eagle

This bird of prey is migratory and goes from Spain to central Asia, stopping in between and travelling as it sees fit.  This goes by several names, but it all comes back to the same kind of bird.  Once distinct, it is now connected with the same broad name, though it lives in several regions.

18. Steppe Eagle

Thought to be distinct from a tawny eagle, both are understand and recognized together under one name.  It is thought that they are simply living with similar features, and are actually from the same gene pool, so to speak.  Much like above, they were once distinct from each other, but are now understood as the same bird because they are so similar to each other.

19. Short Toed Snake Eagle

This is often understood along the same lines as a buzzard or other medium sized birds of prey.  It hunts smaller prey and lives much the same way as its similar kinds of eagles.

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20. Black Eagle

These eagles love to glide over forests and make nests in them.  They are distinctive due to the long toes and fingers that they have.  They have yellow on them with a dark main colour, giving them their name.  They love to take down prey when they are in their nests, it is a way to recognized these dark-feathered birds.  They seem to fly slowly instead of at fast paces like a lot of their similar kinds.

So, there you have it, 20 unique kinds of eagles that show us the unique world that waits for us when we dig into the world “eagle” and learn all about these birds of prey.  Varying in terms of their habitats, lifecycles, sexual preferences, each of these share their root, but have unique and different lives other than the biological similarities.  It proves that our world is full of richness.  All twenty of these birds has something unique about it.

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